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DJI releases new Osmo Action Camera and we’ve got one to give away!




DJI has made its first foray into the lucrative action cam market with the launch of its new Osmo action cam.

GoPro has dominated the action cam market more than a decade. Although other players such as Sony, TomTom and Garmin have had their own offerings, in this industry, GoPro reigns supreme. Does DJI’s new offering stand any chance of dethroning the king of action cams? 

In December, DJI released the Osmo Pocket and that was met with great reviews and solid sales. In the mini /blog cam market, however, DJI, didn’t face any competitor with anything like the dominance that GoPro enjoys in action cams.

Action cams are aimed squarely at active users – travelers, sports lovers, adventurers and the like. GoPro are more than just a camera – they are a marketing and sports behemoth. So how does the Osmo action cam compare and will DJI be able to make a name for themselves in this industry?

Key specs:

Weighing in at 214 grams, the Osmo Action Cam comes with a 2.25 inch touchscreen with a 640 x 360 resolution. It can shoot 12 megapixel still and film in 4k at 60 fps. It’s waterproof to 36 feet (11 meters) and if you purchase a diving house that allows you to take it as deep as 196 feet (60 meters). It can be voice-controlled and has a front-screen so you can see what you’re filming.

The boys put the Osmo action cam to the test

Alex and Xavi ran this device through its paces, testing it in all manner of scenarios. One of the keys to a good action cam, is the ability to maintain a steady image when undertaking a crazy activity such as tearing down a ridiculously steep slope on your skis or throwing yourself out of a plane. DJI have named their electronic image stabilization system included with the Osmo Action Cam ‘Rocksteady’ due to its purported ability to stay still in even the toughest of conditions. Were the boys impressed? You can hear what they think about it in our full video review.

Comparison vs GoPro Hero 7 Black

We couldn’t really say much about the Action Cam without putting it up against the most dominant product on the market. Watch our video comparing the Osmo Action Cam and GoPro Hero 7 here.

Accessories – Freewell filters

If you want a great accessory to go with your Osmo Action Cam check out these Freewell filters. These are great filters for shooting in all lighting conditions which will help make your footage look more professional.

Giveaway – win your own Osmo Action Cam!

If you’d like to get your hands on an Osmo Action, enter our giveaway! Watch our video and see the link in the YouTube video description! Video link is here

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