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DJI postpones July 18 event, and alleged Mavic 2 picture leaks!




Mavic 2 opinions

The leaked Mavic 2 picture shows a new, GoPro Hero Session-like camera and motors that seem to be larger than the original Mavic Pro. The alleged Mavic 2 also sports the same color as the original, and even though it looks similar to the Mavic Pro, the bottom left side of the picture hints that the Mavic 2 could have a removable gimbal and camera system like the GoPro Karma.

Besides the new camera, the leaked picture reveals what seems to be a removable camera system that can be operated by hand. There is a record button and a lightning cable adapter, which is commonly used for iPhones. The camera on the removable camera system also seems smaller than the one equipped on the drone, so DJI could be making more than one camera for the new, foldable quadcopter.

The drone also has side vents next to camera, which could also mean improved airflow for longer flight times.

DJI has yet to announce exactly why they pushed the event back to a later date, but this could mean that they are still refining their final product. It’s better for a company to launch a product that isn’t defective from the get go, so postponing the event can be seen as a good thing.

Mavic 2

Even though DJI postponed their July 18 event, the leaked image suggest that they are most likely going to release a new drone: the Mavic 2!

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