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DJI postponed their July 18 event on purpose!




“I don’t believe that DJI is testing something 10 days before the event without having tested it for months,” said We Talk UAV’s Alex Assenmacher.

July 18

We Talk UAV’s Alex Assenmacher explaining why he thinks DJI postponed their July 18 event on purpose.

Release date – Why July 18?

Mid-July would have been a new date for DJI to release a new drone; they launched their other drones around April or May, and sometimes even October or November.

Software or hardware problems

If it were a minor software or hardware issue, then DJI could have revealed their new product and work out the problem later by delaying the shipments.

“It just doesn’t smell right, and you know that. For me, they created this event knowing that there was nothing happening,” said Alex.


Since DJI didn’t give an exact reason as to why they delayed the event, We Talk UAV believes the delay was simply done to further hype their launch.

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