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DJI postponed their July 18 event on purpose!




DJI hyped their July 18 event and planned to reveal something big, but on July 5, the drone company postponed their event without giving an exact reason, which left consumers wondering why. A DJI administrator from the company’s official forum said that they postponed the event so that they can deliver according to their “standard of innovation.” DJI’s response is as vague as their “See the Bigger Picture” teaser, so We Talk UAV created a video explaining why they might have pushed back their event:

In attempt to reason why DJI delayed their New York event, We Talk UAV believes it’s just marketing hype. The day after DJI announced their postponement, an alleged Mavic 2 image leaked. Now there is always a chance that some hardware or software malfunction genuinely popped up days before the event, but historically, DJI has always tested their products months before officially making an announcement.

July 18

Photo credit: Kanzhaji

Ever since DJI pushed back their event, media coverage for DJI has grown. This is just We Talk UAV’s opinion, but the delayed event was done intentionally to generate even more hype.

Snippet from DJI’s official forum.

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