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DJI Partners With Epson On New FPV/LOS Glasses

Derrick Threatt



A news release popped into the WeTalkUAV box today – and it’s an interesting one.

Epson has announced a partnership with DJI “to create the next-generation of consumer augmented reality (AR) applications for the Epson Moverio smart glasses and DJI’s suite of products and SDK.”

That’s quite a mouthful. Let’s break it down, starting with a video from Epson. What are these glasses? What do they do? This will give you basic idea – though don’t let the guys in the spinning class get you off-track:

So – what will this mean for DJI?

DJI and Epson

Well, for drone flying, the release says the glasses will allow for a ton of things, including: Multicamera view (Heads-Up-Display and FPV), gesture-controlled editing, and more. Things like:

And wait – Epson has another, just to give you an even better idea of the capabilities and specs:


  • Step-by-step tutorials for new, and even expert pilots
  • Gaming: Imagine a world of virtual shooting, racing – and more – where your performance goes up on a global leaderboard
  • Social sharing – instant location of popular flight locations near you, flight paths, etc.

All of that sounds pretty interesting, but the first and foremost feature that pilots will likely take advantage of is the FPV option. According to the release, the DJI GO app will soon be optimized to take advantage of the Epson Moverio glasses.

Epson Moverio glasses

“Drone pilots will be able to see crystal clear, transparent First Person Views (FPV) from the drone camera while simultaneously maintaining their line of sight with their aircraft,” says the release.

Because the glasses will still allow the pilot to maintain Line-of-Sight, it means they won’t break FAA regulations (or those of other jurisdictions which prohibit FPV flying by the pilot alone).

“The Moverio BT-300 marks an impressive advance…and will make flying and filming safer and help users stay in compliance with federal regulations,” says Michael Perry, DJI’s director of strategic partnerships.

“We are excited to see the incredible applications that can be built with the BT-300 and the recently relaunched DJI SDK – the possibilities are truly endless.”

You’ll be able to buy the glasses in late Q4, and they’ll be available on the DJI store. We don’t see a price yet – but will let you know!

Very. Cool.



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