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DJI Officially Releases Ronin-S Gimbal for DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras!





The Ronin-S can be stored in a backpack because of its low-profile design . It can also be used to film in places where tripods aren’t allowed.


DJI’s DSLR and mirrorless camera gimbal can even be attached to an RC car!

What’s Included for $699?

The gimbal, built-in battery grip, mounting plate, focus wheel, RSS IR control cable, multi camera control cable (Type C), lens support, camera riser, extended tripod grip, multi camera control cable (Type-B), USB-C cable, power adapter, accessories case, Allen wrenches, hook-and-loop straps and a storage case are all included with a Ronin-S purchase.

Which Exact Cameras and Lenses are Supported by DJI’s Newest Gimbal?

Here is DJI’s official compatibility list for the Ronin-S:

Where can the gimbal be purchased?

The $699 gimbal can be purchased directly from DJI or authorized stores like B&H.

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