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DJI Officially Releases Ronin-S Gimbal for DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras!





The DSLR and mirrorless camera gimbal that was teased earlier this year at CES is now available on DJI’s official store, and it’s only $699! The Ronin-S is DJI’s newest three-axis motorized gimbal and all-in-one workhorse for filmmakers looking to shoot cinematic footage by hand. Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, and Hasselblad cameras up to 7.94 pounds are supported by the gimbal. Designed to continuously operate for 12 hours when properly balanced, the Ronin-S can also keep a camera charged while filming.

Ronin-S Specs

Similar to some mobile phone gimbals, the Ronin-S is built with a front trigger to allow users to lock, re-center and turn a camera 180°. Camera settings and even the focus can be adjusted, all while a DSLR or mirrorless setup is mounted on the Ronin-S. The 4.1-pound gimbal can be used to shoot both horizontal and vertical scenes. The gimbal has a flexible rotation range; it is built to roll and pan up to 360° degrees, and it can tilt -95° to 185°. A tripod grip is also included for leveled shots, but a monopod can be attached on the bottom to allow filmmakers to shoot unique scenes without a jib arm or camera dolly. Just like DJI’s quadcopters, the Ronin-S is designed with Sports Mode, but it is used for tracking fast-moving objects.


DJI’s newest gimbal is also designed to give filmmakers access to the back of a camera, which also means external monitors aren’t required to see what the camera is filming.


Shooting Modes

Besides tracking, the Ronin-S has automated creative features which allow filmmakers to shoot a motionlapse, timelapse or panorama.

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