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DJI Introduces New Shapes Of No Fly Zones For Chinese Airports




new DJI no fly zones

DJI recently released new polygonal No Fly Zones in Mainland China that are not only safer but also more logical. The newly-shaped No Fly Zones (NFZs) have only been implemented around airports. Other No Fly Zones, such as those around stadiums and government buildings, remain unchanged.

Here Is What A New Airport No Fly Zones Looks Like:

New DJI No fly zones

  • No Fly Zone (R1): The center consists of 2 circular NFZs combined into an oval. The circles are centered on each runway, and both have a radius of 4.5km.
  • Limited Altitude Zone (R2):  The trapezoidal zones (a) extends 15 km from each end of the runway. In “a” zones, flights are limited to 60 meters. All flights within R2 are limited to 30m.
  • 120m Limited Altitude Zone (R3): This circular NFZ is centered on the middle of the runway and has a radius of 10km. Flights in this zone are limited to 120m.

You also can check out the video that explains how the new NFZ works in Chinese here.

New DJI no fly zones

Other No Fly Zones:

  • To guarantee public safety DJI has prohibited flights within 100 meters of government buildings, prisons, military bases, and other sensitive areas.
  • Temporary NFZs for the big events at stadiums and public squares will continue to be used as well.

If these new NFZs work well in China, DJI may implement them all over the world.

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