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Is DJI Preparing To Launch New Mavic Platinum?




mavic pro platinum in the box

There tends to be a pattern whenever DJI is about to launch a new consumer drone. First, leaks of images and potential specifications begin to circulate. Then, the hype builds as speculation rises. Finally, the product is launched and most of the rumors are proven to be true. If that same pattern holds, it looks as though a new DJI Mavic is about to be launched: The Mavic Platinum.

From what we can tell from the rumored specifications, the Mavic Platinum isn’t going to be a huge upgrade on the Mavic Pro. We’re not expecting to see a jump such as the one from Phantom 4 to Phantom 4 Pro. Instead, it looks like some of the details that frustrate pilots have been ironed out with a few minor improvements.

the dji mavic platinum

Is this the Mavic Platinum?

According to this leaked image of some of the specifications, two things which are going to noticeably improve are the noise reduction and the flight time:

dji mavic platinum leak suggests noise reduction and better flight time

And then there’s the design, which has been given a nice paint job compared to the original Mavic Pro. There will probably be other new features too, but we can’t say anything for sure.

According to DroningOn, the Mavic Pro Platinum edition will feature the following:

  • 30 minutes total flight time (3-4 minute increase)
  • 4dB flight noise reduction (60%)
  • Platinum/silver color body with ‘Platinum’ decals
  • Redesigned/optimised props with colored tips
  • Approx $100 price increase over baseline Mavic Pro

mavic pro platinum in the box

Keep an eye on the DJI website today for the DJI Mavic Platinum

You never know with these things – these images could be fake and just someone having a bit of fun at our expense. However, all of the signs suggest that the Mavic Platinum is genuine. Later today at 17:00 local time, DJI is holding a press conference at IFA in Berlin, Europe’s largest electronics show. Could that be the venue for the big reveal?

There are also rumors that a new Phantom 4 could be announced today alongside the Mavic Platinum, the Phantom 4 Black edition.

Best to keep an eye on on the company’s website – especially the news section – over the next day or so. Or watch the company’s social media platforms for more information as it breaks.


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