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DJI Mavic With 2 Controllers – This Is How It Works!




DJI Mavic with 2 controllers is a new feature that became available with the release of last firmware. So now two pilots can control one aircraft, just like in civil aviation. In fact, it all started a few years ago with the launch of Inspire 1. Two remote controllers support was advertised as a professional feature for more precise control and cinematic look. But today it is not surprising anymore and even consumer level Mavic Pro has this feature.

We have prepared a short video that will teach you:

  • How to connect a 2nd remote controller to the Mavic?
  • What is the difference between the Primary and Secondary controller?
  • How the modes work on the Mavic when flying with 2 remote controllers?

Check out the video from our Youtube Channel:

Will you use this mode? Don’t think so… Most of the people buy one Mavic with one remote controller, but if both, you and your friend have Mavics, you can definitely try it out and split the duties between the pilot and camera operator.

Thank you for watching!

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