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DJI Mavic vs DJI Inspire 2 X5S – Footage Comparison




The Drone Nerds have compared a footage from the most popular drone in the world DJI Mavic with the world’s most advanced RTF Pro-Level drone DJI Inspire 2. And yes, some of you might say that comparing Mavic vs Inspire 2 is like comparing Toyota Prius with Ferrari Enzo, but as the host of the video said: “Why not?!”

Here is the comparison of Mavic vs Inspire 2 footage:

Both of the cameras shoot 4K, but is there a difference? Absolutely! The Inspire 2 image sharpness, colors, and overall quality is much higher. No wonder DXO Mark has rated X5S as the best flying camera so far.  But thinking about the price difference between one thousand dollars Mavic and Inspire 2 that goes all the way up to 6000 USD it’s not too hard to justify the image quality difference.

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