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DJI Mavic vs. DJI Spark: Which Drone Is Best For Travelling?




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Both the DJI Mavic and the DJI Spark are designed to be highly portable drones, but which one is the best for traveling? Watch this We Talk UAV video to get the pros and cons of both drones and see which one is right for you:

DJI Spark Pros

The DJI Spark may only be a Full-HD drone, but the sensor on the Spark is the same as the Mavic. If you are a vlogger, then the intelligent flight modes such as rocket and dronie can help you get the best angles. You can even operate the Spark without a controller! The battery life is rated at 15 minutes, but it’s easy to carry multiple batteries. One great factor is that this UAV can easily be charged via micro-usb! The Spark can easily be used as a one shot take kind of drone since you can get it ready fast to capture a priceless moment. If noise is an issue, then the Spark is a great drone to consider since its smaller motors are significantly quieter than other consumer drones.

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DJI Spark Cons

The range on the Spark is less compared to the Mavic, and the field of view is narrower. The Spark controller also has some limitations, and there are only a few video settings you can change.

DJI Spark Crash

Mavic Pros

The 4K camera is a major pro! It’s still portable, and the arms are foldable. The controller on the Mavic is superior, and it’s more reliable if you are looking to fly past some trees. Also, there is a built-in screen on the Mavic controller.

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Mavic Cons

It’s bigger, it weighs more, and it does make more noise compared to the Spark.

Drone Prix on Mavic

Which Drone Is Best For Traveling?

If you need a drone to capture mountainous scenes, then go for the Mavic. If you are traveling to a small town and plan to shoot in close quarters, then the Spark is the drone to go for. The best drone for traveling depends on what you plan to shoot!


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