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DJI Mavic Teardown- What’s Inside?




DJI Mavic Pro is probably the first drone that really took all the fame from Phantom Series. The drone that can do everything that Phantom 4 does, and even more. But the coolest thing about DJI Mavic Pro is its size. Ah, anyway, I don’t think it’s necessary to explain what kind of drone is Mavic because every drover and hobbyist knows it.

Now, we all know that DJI products have arguably the best-built quality in the industry. Or at least that’s what we see from outside of the product. Ifixit gave us a chance to take a look at the internal built quality of DJI Mavic Pro.

Well, apparently DJI Mavic Pro has a traditional rock DJI Built quality. Everything is so compact, most of the wiring goes through the microchips and the schemes are built in 2 levels, one on top of other.

DJI Mavic Pro internal Built qualityEveryone who has ever built the drone by themselves will definitely appreciate this soldering work.

DJI Mavic Pro         I It feels like the drones are no longer just flying toys, they are real computers in the sky.

DJI Mavic Pro ambarella
This is not a GPU, but it’s older brother. This is what makes obstacle avoidance and VPS possible.

DJI Mavic Pro RAM
One gig of RAM is probably not a good spec for a modern PC but for the drone it’s more than enough.

DJI Mavic Pro Rangefinders
Ultrasonic is not something to be proud of, since every modern drone has this (except GoPro Karma)
DJI Mavic Pro SD Card
This one is actually funny. They glued the SD card in.

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