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DJI Mavic pulls out kid’s loose tooth!




When it comes to kids losing teeth, parents have used all kinds of methods to pull their child’s loose tooth out. A classic example is opening a door while a string is tied to a kid’s tooth, but now videos on YouTube show parents shifting towards a more modern method: tooth extraction by drone. These videos vary in upload date, but they show how the DJI Mavic and even a toy drone are used to remove a kid’s loose tooth.

In this video by Rhett Davis, a DJI Mavic and dental floss were used to pull a little girl’s tooth out. Davis hovered the quadcopter and flew up with floss tied to the kid’s tooth, and he even captured bird’s-eye footage of the tooth extraction.

Unaltered screenshot of Rhett Davis’ video.

Toy drone extracts loose tooth

This video was uploaded by April Johnston on June 2018, and the description says dental floss and a toy drone called Holy Stone HS110D were used to remove the kid’s tooth. Instead of hovering and flying away, this drone started on the ground. The Holy Stone quadcopter lifted off while the kid sat cross-legged, and once the tooth was removed, the kid was gifted $5.

Dangers of drone-assisted tooth extractions

According to Colgate, it’s dangerous to just yank a kid’s loose tooth out. Apparently, knocking a kid’s tooth loose increases the risks of infections and may even damage permanent tooth.

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