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Do You Actually Need DJI Mavic Propeller Guards?




DJI Mavic Propeller guards

Recently, DJI released the new Mavic Propeller Guards. The guards cost a surprisingly steep $159 USD, and there has been a lot of skepticism about them online. A couple of days ago, DJI made a demo post of their new pricey accessory on the Chinese message app/social media platform WeChat, and they don’t look half bad:

 DJI Mavic Propeller Guards

Some may think the Mavic Propeller guards make the drone look like a futuristic spaceship, others may think they make it look more a toy. Regardless, they definitely make the drone bigger.DJI Mavic Propeller guards

Of course, the Mavic propeller guards make it impossible to fold the drone and reduce flight time, but some people always put safety first. Safety is exactly where the Propeller Guards shine.

Check out these GIFs:

As you can see from these GIFs, flying close to people or obstacles with the Propeller Guards attached shouldn’t be a safety issue.

Hitting the obstacles is also not a big deal anymore. This might become handy when flying indoors and in other places with no much space to fly like this forest:

Additionally, your Mavic Pro will not fall to the ground after hitting a ceiling, thanks to the new propeller guards.

Do You Need The New DJI Mavic Propeller Guards? 

  • If you are first-time drone pilot – Yes
  • If you only fly in open areas with no obstacles around – No
  • If you want to fly indoors – Yes
  • If you want to fly in the forest – Yes
  • If you want to fly longer – No
  • If you want to hand-catch your Mavic – Yes
  • If you want to fly close to people – Yes

What do you guys think about paying $159 for an accessory to save $999? Let us know in the comments.

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