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New DJI Accessories – The Mavic Propeller Cage And Furry Sleeve




Mavic Accesories: mavic propeller cage

When shopping for the Mavic, one can be overwhelmed by a number of accessories. Why accessories are important is because they can add a lot to the flying experience. Also, safety can be a big factor. Personally, if you are getting involved with quads for the first time, some of these parts like Mavic propeller cage can be considered a must have.

Case In Point, The Mavic Propeller Cage

There is no shortage of finger accidents. You would think the words “Wet Paint” were on the props causing people to actually stick their fingers into the propellers. Some serious cuts word is out on anyone losing a finger. The danger is nonetheless real. The Mavic Propeller Cage will also protect the props against tree branches and other unintended obstacles.

DJI Mavic Propeller Cage

Mavic Propeller Cage

DJI Mavic Propeller Cage

Another product to consider is the Mavic-7728 Quick-Release Folding Propellers. In fact, these are the only compatible props with the Mavic Propeller Cage. So if you purchase the cage you need to get a set of propellers too. The new 7728 props also can fold like the original ones making portability or storing the aircraft more compact. 

Other Mavic Accessories

Giving another unique accessory specifically designed for the Mavic, the Aircraft Sleeve is a pouch like a sleeve used for transporting and storing the aircraft. It has got a nice winter type design. If it was not so small, it could be wearable and enough to keep you warm on those cold winter nights. Instead, the Aircraft Sleeve is a design specifically for the Mavic. It could not work for a Phantom or an Inspire due to the size.

DJI Mavic Pro Sleeve

Finally, let’s not forget the ND filters and the car charger. ND filters, short of neutral density, can make a difference for those days in which you are battling the sun. They reduce the amount of light passing through a camera lens without changing the color of the scene you are shooting.  It is the most powerful tool in your arsenal to prevent from over exposure.

The car charger is self-explanatory. If you are not near an electrical outlet, the car charger will be your best friend. (Don’t forget the extra batteries.)

Accessories can be your best friend to provide a safe and lasting positive flight experience. These are some of the few that is best used with the Mavic.


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