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How To Turn Your DJI Mavic Pro Into Hand-Held Gimbal – Polar Pro Katana




Polar Pro is a company well-known for its high-quality filters and other drone and camera accessories. So, today Polar Pro bringing us, Mavic users,  a new product called Katana.  Polar Pro Katana is a new accessory that will allow you to get some smooth ground shots with your DJI Mavic Pro Safely.

Without Polar Pro Katana hand-held tray/gimbal you could also get some decent low angle shots, but there are a couple of things you should be aware of:

Polar Pro Katana

  1. Flying your Mavic at the very low altitude in the crowded places is dangerous
  2. All the dust will get up in the air and may spoil your shot if you are trying to fly close to the ground

But using a simple rig like this will help you to avoid these issues.

Well, it looks cool, but can you leave without Polar Pro Katana?

Yes. You absolutely can get the ground shots by just holding your phone and Mavic in your hands, but for only $49 why not add some comfort and precision.

Polar Pro Katana

The only disadvantage that we could pick was the fact that Mavic does not record the sound so even though your videos will be smooth, they will have no audio. However this problem can be easily solved with an external audio recorder, so you can synchronize the video and audio in post-production.

Katana Mavic gimbal

Katana is an absolutely great thing of you want to accomplish ground and aerial shots with only one drone. And considering the price of only $49 it definitely is an accessory worth buying. Just go to Polar Pro website and get one for your Mavic.

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