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DJI Mavic Pro can light up the sky with these LED propellers




LED propellers


LED propellers can help make a drone more visible in places where night flights are allowed. The added lights can also help returning drones from sunset photo sessions.

 LED Propellers

LED Propellers on Other DJI Drones

The company ledpropeller has categories for the Phantom 3 series, Phantom 4 series and Spark, but only the LED propellers for the Mavic Pro and Pro Platinum are available to buy right now.

LED Propellers

Light Bleed

Equipping a drone with four LED propellers can be problematic as the front lights may become visible in the camera’s frame, so using only two propellers on the back can solve that problem.

LED Propellers

Where to Buy

LED propellers can be purchased from Amazon and Lightake.

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