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DJI Mavic Pro can light up the sky with these LED propellers




LED propellers

A company called ledpropeller is now offering LED flash propellers for DJI drones. Each propeller has a battery and a strip of LED lights to illuminate the sky with red, yellow, blue, green and white colors. Besides increasing a drone’s visibility, the lights can be used to create long-exposure photographs. This third-party accessory was reviewed and tested by YouTuber Captain Drone, and here is his video:

According to Captain Drone’s test review, a stock DJI Mavic Pro propeller weighs 7 grams, while an LED propeller with a CR3032 button battery installed weighs 15 grams. Using all four LED propellers means a Mavic will fly with an additional 32 grams. The battery life is rated for more than 300 minutes, so the LED propellers can be used for 12 25-minute flights.

LED Propellers

Each propeller has 5 different LED lights on one side. The LED propellers can only be seen from the bottom and side viewing angles.

LED Propellers

Long Exposure Photography

A drone with LED propellers can help create long exposure photos. Similar to how cars become blurs of light in a long exposure photograph, a drone with lights can paint the sky. A DSLR can then be used to capture light trails that the drone leaves behind.

LED Propellers

Snippet from Jonas Hoffmann’s photo on Skypixel shows how a drone with lights could be used to capture long exposure photographs.

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