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Which DJI Mavic Case Is Best? The DJI Mavic Pro Case Shootout (Review)

Derrick Threatt



DJI Mavic Pro Case Shootout

What to know what DJI Mavic Case is the best?

When the DJI Mavic was released it was debuted as one of the most portable and featured filled drones on the market. Even fitting in your pocket when folded. This was an amazing piece of engineering from drone pioneer DJI.

However, when traveling or using the Mavic on the go there are a lot of companion products that you will need to go along with it. Extra batteries, space blades, tablets, chargers and more.

DJI released their official carrying case with the Mavic and the fly-more combo but the case is too small and only allows you to bring just the minimum with you.

Today we are going to be presenting 6 case solutions for the DJI Mavic from, DJI, Freewell, Doubi, Goprofessionals, Lighttake and Koozam that will hopefully end your woes when you are on the go with the DJI Mavic.

This is the DJI Mavic Pro Case Shootout on


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