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What is wrong with DJI Mavic camera? -Answer is here!




Lately, there has been a lot of criticisms going on with DJI Mavic camera. Is it really that soft and blurry?

According to Casey Neistat and Digitalrev TV reviewing the DJI Mavic, the camera is providing lower image quality than Phantom 4. Let’s try to analyse the things first.

So, what is actually wrong with DJI Mavic camera?

Well, we have 3 ideas here:

  1. Neistat didn’t adjust the autofocus on the camera. Those who have ever used the Zenmuse X5 camera know that it requires focus calibration. If you don’t calibrate, the image can appear to be soft on the $2000.00 Micro 4/3 camera.
  2. The camera quality might be just that poor with no explanation to it. However, knowing DJI that probably not the case.
  3. The aircrafts that Casey Neistat and DRTV as well as most media got now are just prototypes. Most likely, DJI R&D didn’t add software sharpening to it yet. At this point it is all speculation.

We will test how the camera and compare it to P4 as soon as our Mavic arrives.

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