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DJI Mavic Battery Disassemble




DJI mavic intelligent circuit - DJI Mavic Battery

About one month ago DJI leaked it’s brand new Mavic battery. We believe everyone remembers those shots:

DJI mavic battery

But here we have some fresh shots of internal parts of Mavic battery, but first, let’s  give you a clear idea about the size of the battery.

Mavic battery size

It seems to be just a little bit smaller than phantom 3 battery.

 Mavic battery DJI Mavic battery

Of course like any other DJI product Mavic will be using intelligent flight battery.  Most likely spare batteries will not be cheap but for sure they will be safer than non-intelligent Li-Po like DIY drones or Yuneec aircrafts using.

Dji Mavic Pro Batery DJI Mavic intelligent flight battery DJI Mavic intelligent battery



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