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DJI Mavic Air hack – Here’s how to shoot low-angle shots like the Parrot ANAFI!




Turn off Wi-Fi & GPS

To minimize signal interference, Drones and Electric Unicycles turned off Wi-Fi and GPS on the action camera.


Screenshot from Drones and Electric Unicycles’ video.

Place an adhesive pad or 3M Dual Lock fastener underneath the action camera.

Then place an adhesive pad or 3M Dual Lock fastener on top of the drone. Finally, position the action camera on the drone, but make sure it’s clear from hitting the propellers.

Mavic Air hack pros

While the ANAFI can film with a camera pointed directly up, it can be problematic for a pilot when the drone is at a distance. Since the Mavic Air can be rigged with a GoPro on top, the main camera can be used to navigate safely, while the jerry-rigged action camera can film a low-angle shot.

Using the Mavic Air hack will give users footage from two different cameras to work with.

Mavic Air hack cons

Using adhesives to mount an action camera can fail and break a drone; even the 3M Dual Lock is only rated for 1000 closures. The footage from the action camera will most likely have to be stabilized in a video editing program. Even though settings on some action cameras can be changed remotely, it can be a hassle to control a drone and switch settings at the same time.

Mavic Air hack

Always remember to test the placement of the action camera because the propellers can get in the way.

The Mavic Air hack can be done on nearly any quadcopter. Just make sure the action camera can be safely mounted on top of a drone without the propellers getting in the way.

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