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DJI Mavic Air hack – Here’s how to shoot low-angle shots like the Parrot ANAFI!




In cinematography, a low-angle shot is captured by positioning a camera upwards. This technique is commonly used in Hollywood films to give the subject an appearance of strength or power, but drones can also shoot low-angle shots to create unique footage. The problem with filming low-angle shots using a drone is that propellers can get in the way, but the recently released Parrot ANAFI has redefined low-angle filming on a consumer quadcopter thanks to its gimbal that can point its camera directly up, and that’s without any propellers getting in the way. Even though the 90-degree, upwards camera feature is only available on the ANAFI right now, other consumer drones can be rigged to shoot similar footage. To find out how to replicate the ANAFI’s low-angle shots, here is YouTuber Drones and Electric Unicycles’ Mavic Air hack video:


To sum up the Mavic Air hack, it is basically a GoPro mounted directly on top of a drone.

A GoPro Hero 5 or any action camera can be used.

Adhesive pads were recommended, but for a more secure fit, use 3M Dual Lock fasteners.

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