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DJI Mavic Air – Freewell ND Filters!





When it comes to Mavic Air accessories, ND filters should be the first thing to buy because they decrease Jello-effect in videos, and they control the exposure for landscape photos. Freewell Gear makes drone accessories, and their latest release are ND filters designed specifically for the new Mavic Air. We Talk UAV got their hands on an 8-pack set of Freewell ND filters and created a review video:

For a more cinematic video, an ND-filter is highly recommended since it allows a slower shutter speed for overexposed scenarios. For photos, bright skies can often throw off the whole picture, so the right ND filter can balance out the image. We Talk UAV believes ND filters are a must have for any drone owner since most drone footage is shot during the day.


ND filters smooth out videos for a more cinematic look.

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