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DJI Mavic Air facts you need to know!




Mavic Air facts

More Mavic Air facts

The Mavic Air can be flown by using a phone as a controller. All you have to do is connect the drone to the app via Wi-Fi. Just open the app, click enter the device and look for aircraft only. It should then list instructions on the screen; just follow them to securely connect your drone to your mobile phone controller.

We Talk UAV tested the noise level in a closed studio and found that the Mavic Air gave 80dB, while the Mavic Pro Platinum was only 76dB. Our independent testing proved that the Mavic Air was slightly louder than the Mavic Pro Platinum with the upgraded motors.

In Europe, the Wi-Fi signal on the Mavic Air was rated to be four times stronger than the Spark’s Wi-Fi range. In America, the Mavic Air was rated to go twice as far as the Spark’s range via Wi-Fi. With the controller, the Mavic Air can fly up to 2.5 miles.

Mavic Air facts

DJI listened to their customers who crashed their drones using intelligent flight modes and installed back sensors on the new Mavic to ensure a safer flight.

Even though the Mavic Air and Spark controllers seem similar, the Spark controller was not created to work on the new Mavic. We Talk UAV tested it, and it did not work!

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