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DJI Mavic Air facts you need to know!




Mavic Air facts

We Talk UAV already did an unboxing, hands-on review and comparison on the DJI Mavic Air, but here is another video featuring Mavic Air facts every buyer should know before investing in the new drone.

List of DJI Mavic Air facts

Right now, Mavic Air only supports Cinelike, but DJI is supposed to install D-Log in a future update.

You can’t charge the drone directly. The battery must be taken out and charged separately.

DJI recommended microSD cards up to 128gb.

Mavic Air facts

The new drone doesn’t have Ocusync, but it can still connect to a pair of DJI Goggles (RE) via micro HDMI.

Even though it’s about 59% lighter than the original Mavic, the Mavic Air still needs to be registered with the FAA. In December 2017, the FAA revived their drone law, so pilots must be registered to fly their consumer drone.

JPEG and Raw format is supported, and it outputs Raw pictures in DNG format.

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The battery may be placed on the bottom, but it is created to be secure. Even though it seems like it can easily be removed, it was designed to be safe.

The microSD card slot and the Type C port is located on the back part of the drone. It can be accessed by removing the cover.

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