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DJI Mavic Air crash tests!




Mavic Air crash

Mavic Air crash test: Soft and Hard Surface Collisions

We Talk UAV intentionally crashed the Mavic Air into various surfaces at different speeds. When the drone flew into a bush, it survived with no damage. The quadcopter then flew into a tree. The Mavic Air proved that it could not only survive a collision into a hard surface in sport mode, but it can also fly perfectly fine right after.

Mavic Air crash

The Mavic Air flipped at least three times when it hit the tree in sport mode. One arm bent back to folded position, and the gimbal started twitching like it had a seizure, but the drone flew again after it was restarted.


The Mavic Air crash tests proved that the drone can take a beating. A propeller’s tip chipped when the drone slammed into the tree, but it still flew without any problems. Compared to the older Mavic, the Mavic Air’s gimbal is well protected; the drone’s body is shaped almost like a cage for the camera. Usually, the first component that breaks in a forward crash is the camera, but DJI designed the Mavic Air to be sturdier than previous models.

These tests were conducted partly because it was requested from viewers, so feel free to drop any comments or questions for additional testing.

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