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DJI Mavic Air crash tests!




Mavic Air crash

Weight test

The Spark was then strapped onto the Mavic Air, and the drone showed that it can lift the smaller 300 gram quadcopter with ease.

Mavic Air crash

APAS test

APAS, or Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems, is featured on the new drone, and it allows the aircraft to bypass obstacles in real time. We Talk UAV flew the Mavic Air towards a tree, and it automatically flew around the obstacle.

Mavic Air crash

Mavic Air crash test: Water

The new drone wasn’t advertised to be waterproof, but it kept on hovering even after a water bottle was poured onto it.

Mavic Air crash

Misplaced propeller launch

The quadcopter failed to launch when a propeller was deliberately misplaced.

Mavic Air crash

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