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DJI Mavic Air crash tests!




Mavic Air crash

The Mavic Air comes equipped with forward, backward and downward dual-vision sensors, so We Talk UAV went ahead and tested just how safe and durable the new drone is in different scenarios. From dousing the drone with water to ramming the quadcopter into a tree in sport mode, the new drone was thoroughly tested in this Mavic Air crash test review:

Mavic Air crash test: Obstacle Avoidance

The quadcopter flew towards a tree, and just like DJI’s other drones with obstacle avoidance, the sensors stopped the drone before it crashed. The forward and rear obstacle avoidance checked out with no problems.

Mavic Air crash

When the drone’s downward dual-vision sensor was tested, the Mavic Air flew a little too close to the Mavic that was flying under it. To be fair, the Mavic wasn’t directly under the Mavic Air, but it was slightly off to the side.

Mavic Air crash

Mavic Air crash test: Ballons/ BB gun

Balloons and a BB gun were used on the Mavic Air. The quadcopter popped the balloons without getting tangled, and it withstood shots from the BB gun. The Mavic Air proved to be safe from a typical kid with a BB gun and flyaway balloons.

Mavic Air crash

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