When DJI announced their brand news Spark, everyone started comparing Mavic vs Spark and talking about differences. Today we decided to bring up another important difference between those 2 drones. The fact that Mavic is tiny and extremely portable drone doesn’t mean that it can’t lift anything.

Actually, Mavic is capable of lifting different kinds of accessories like extra landing gear of fully enclosed propeller cages, but today we got a very special one. Mavic can lift a Samsung Gear 360 camera, more than that, not only it can lift one, but Mavic can push it to the limits and have two 360 cameras on board simultaneously.Mavic 360 camerasOf course, you will need some parts and adapters from the Jean-Marie Cannie to be able to attach the 360 cameras. One of the obvious disadvantages of this kind of setup is the reduced flight time.reduced flight timeIn this test, Mavic with no attachments spent 25 minutes 39 seconds, the same drone with only one 360 degrees camera managed to stay in the air for 17 minutes 42 seconds and Mavic Pro with two 360 cameras was able to fly only for 13 minutes. These and some other cool 3D accessories for Mavic can be purchased here.

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