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DJI Mavic 2 should have these features!




Improved OcuSync

An improved processor not only means better quality footage but also better OcuSync, obstacle avoidance and tracking. DJI’s next Mavic should have an updated processor to jam Phantom 4 Pro-like features into a smaller frame.


Cooling system

If the Mavic 2 is built with a new processor, then it will most likely generate more heat, so DJI should have a new cooling system. The leaked image showed new vents on the alleged Mavic 2, so DJI might have already designed a new cooling system.

Photo credit: Kanzhaji

DJI is their own competition

Just like how the Phantom 4 series replaced the Phantom 3 series, We Talk UAV is expecting the new Mavic 2 will replace the original Mavic.

Mavic 2

Photo credit: OsitaLV

Mavic 2 controller with a built-in screen

DJI should release a Mavic 2 controller with a built-in screen installed to give drone pilots more options to choose from. Screens like DJI CystalSky were made for professionals, so high-brightness displays for Mavic 2 controllers can be marketed to people who need the clarity under the sky.

These features can be seen as a wish list for DJI’s new drone, but suggesting improvements is a lot easier said than done. If DJI is truly going to be releasing the Mavic 2 soon, then some of these listed features are already designed into the drone by now. Even though the Mavic 2 has yet to be confirmed by administrators on DJI’s official forum, the leaked images point towards an imminent drone release.

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