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DJI Mavic 2 low light comparison footage!





Since noise reduction sometimes automatically occurs, sharpness on all three DJI drones were placed at +1. Color profiles are also different across different Mavic models, so photos and videos were shot in non-color. The Mavic 2 Zoom and the Mavic Platinum shot videos using the D-Cinelike, while the Mavic 2 Pro was equipped with HLG since it is the closest color profile.


Mavic Pro Platinum is designed with a 1/ 2.3” CMOS sensor, 26mm lens and a fixed aperture at f/2.2. Mavic 2 Zoom is also designed with a 1/ 2.3” CMOS sensor, but it has an adjustable lens system that can change from 24-48mm. Mavic 2 Zoom’s aperture is also adjustable from f/2.8 at 24mm to f/3.8 at 48mm. Mavic 2 Pro is equipped with a 1” CMOS sensor, 28mm lens and an aperture that can adjust from f/ 2.8 to f/11.

Why didn’t you fly the drones?

Since night drone flights are prohibited where the video was shot, We Talk UAV grounded all the drones. Not only was it legal, but having the drones placed on top of each other cut out the chances of footage being affected by factors such as wind or different flight speeds.

DJI Mavic 2

By filming footage while the drones were grounded, low light comparisons were more consistent.

Comment which footage looked best on YouTube

Instead of stating which drone performed best, viewers can comment on We Talk UAV’s video to say which footage they think looked cleaner.

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