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DJI Launches Local Data Mode for DJI Pilot App




local data mode

DJI officially launched a privacy mode known as Local Data Mode for CrystalSky users and select Android tablets. This new mode restricts internet traffic and keeps all of the flight data secure. This enhanced privacy feature will be available in the next firmware update for the DJI Pilot app only. Professionals who owns drones like the Matrice 200 can take advantage of this mode, but consumer drone operators who use the DJI Go 4 app will still have to wait longer before Local Data Mode becomes available on iOS devices.

DJI Crystal Sky Monitor

This mode is an “additional layer of security” created to address privacy concern issues, according to DJI’s press release. Drone pilots who use DJI drones for government or other data sensitive purposes can benefit from Local Data Mode. Once the mode is enabled, a user’s location will be unobtainable and information regarding No Fly Zones and geofencing will disabled. Automatic firmware updates and messages forcing pilots to update will also be disabled. Even if users disable Local Data Mode, all sensitive information such as telemetry data, flight logs and personal photos and videos will still remain stored on the drone itself.

How Do You Turn on Local Data Mode?

“Drone operators can enable Local Data Mode by opening the DJI Pilot app, clicking on “Activate LDM Mode” and entering a password which will be required to deactivate Local Data Mode when they decide to go online again,” said DJI.

Download DJI Pilot App

Users can download the DJI Pilot App on their CrystalSky device or select Android tablet by visiting DJI’s official site.

local data mode


Once the DJI Pilot app is downloaded, new droners will still have to login to their DJI account. They also need to have the latest updates. Enabling the Local Data Mode will prompt a warning message to remind users that the internet connection has been disabled.


“The Local Data Mode feature may not be available in locations where an internet connection is required or highly advisable due to local regulations,” said Brendan Schulman, DJI’s Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs.

Why This Mode was Created

Back in August 21, 2017, DJI announced plans to launch this offline mode right after the U.S. Army stopped using DJI drones due to alleged security concerns.

DJI doesn’t create military grade drones, but they plan on continuing to make world leading civilian drones with the latest aerial imaging technology.



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