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DJI joins Amazon Prime Day with discounted products!




DJI has been leading in the consumer drone industry, and now shoppers can get their products at a discounted prices through Amazon’s annual, sitewide sale called Prime Day. DJI announced that they will be part of Amazon’s Prime Day, so US and UK shoppers can get a drone on sale, starting on July 16 at 9 a.m. PST. Since the DJI Prime Day sale is limited to US and UK shoppers only, DJI also announced a Super Sale for non-Prime members in the US and Canada. DJI’s discounts for Prime Day and the DJI Super Sale are scheduled to last for only 36 hours, but there will also be a refurbished products sale on July 17.

Amazon Prime Day drone sales

This is DJI’s first time joining Amazon’s Prime Day promotion, and they released a press release saying that they will be discounting the Spark and Mavic Pro by up to $300.

The Spark Fly More Combo will be reduced by $50 to $499, the Mavic Pro drone will be reduced by $200 to $799 and the Mavic Pro Fly More Combo will be reduced by $300 to $999.

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