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DJI Introduces Self-ID Aeroscope Feature




aeroscope feature

In the YouTube video, a DJI Inspire flew in restricted airspace, and Aeroscope found the drone in real time. The receiver pinpointed the drone’s location with an icon. The Crystal Sky monitor then showed the pilots’ email, so the authorities were able to contact the droner via email.

aeroscope feature

Screenshot of The Verge’s Aerscope video

What Happens After Aeroscope Tracks a Drone Down?

Pilots who are caught flying in restricted airspace will be notified by email to obtain a proper license to fly in that area. If drones haven’t been registered, then the email won’t show up on Aeroscope. Depending on the situation, local police may get involved, but misdemeanors will probably just result in a warning. If pilots fly on military bases without permission, then they will most likely get shot down.

How to Access the New Aeroscope Feature

Pilots must update the DJI GO 4 app, then find “remote identification” menu in the main controller settings. The menu will allow pilots to broadcast their “UUID,” a unique user identification code tied to each pilot’s DJI account. The default setting disables the broadcast of personal information, but drone pilots may choose to share more about themselves through “Identification & Flight Information.”

The new Aeroscope feature was created to make it easier for authorities to differentiate legal flights from illegal flights. With the anticipated rise of consumer drones, Aeroscope will be used to ensure drone safety.

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