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DJI Introduces Self-ID Aeroscope Feature




aeroscope feature

Last October DJI unveiled Aeroscope, a portable drone tracking system that could find any DJI drone within a 3.1 mile radius, regardless if it’s being flown online or in offline privacy mode. Now, they implemented a new feature that allows pilots to voluntarily identify their flight operations to authorities using Aeroscope. It basically let’s pilots wave a flag to claim that they are flying legally. This can be useful for drone pilots flying in sensitive areas like near airports. The new Aeroscope feature can be accessed in the latest DJI Go 4 app, and its aim is to help pilots and authorities maintain safe flights.

DJI Aeroscope

Aeroscope was created as a balanced solution to address security and privacy concerns for local communities. It is equipped with technology that uses the communications link between a drone and its remote controller to track a DJI UAV. Once Aeroscope spots an intruding drone, information such as registration number, basic telemetry and location data are sent to the tracking device. Authorities can then contact police if required. Here is an inside look at Aeroscope through The Verge’s YouTube video:

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