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DJI Inspire X4S vs X5S – Camera Comparison Video




X4S vs X5S comparison

New Inspire 2 has been announced with two new cameras X4S with its own built-in lens, and X5S with interchangeable Micro 4/3 lenses.  Well, your choice will depend on what level of video production are you working at. If it’s a small of middle-class advertisement agency or production studio X4S will be a great choice on a budget. However, if we are talking about higher class production studios that shoot real movies you will need a RED or Arri that hangs on Matrice M600. So what’s the position if X5S then?

DJI Inspire 2

Not everyone works in Warner Brothers or Columbia Pictures, there are smaller studios out there that not necessarily have Red Epic and a huge drone for it. So this would be the best place for X5S to fill the gap.  And here are few reasons why:

  • The red camera will cost more that $30K and Matrcie M600 about $5K, so $6000 for Inspire 2 with X5S is nothing if you compare with a top class setup.
  • Red and Arri require a lot of knowledge to operate while Inspire 2 with X5S is almost as easy to use as Phantom 4 or Mavic.
  • There is no ready-to-fly camera that shoots 5.2K. Yes, it’s kind of overkill for usual user but for the professional videographers it’s a brilliant tool

Now Let’s Compare The Prices Of X4S vs X5S:

X5S $1899 USD


X4S $599 USD

So Zenmuse X5S is 3 times more expensive than X4S!
Is there such a great difference?

DJI Inspire X4S vs X5S

Now take a cup of coffee, tea or vodka, lean back and watch this comparison:

DJI Inspire X5S Advantages

  • Interchangeable lenses. You can change from wide-angle to the narrow zoom lenses to get different FOV and cinematic look for the video you shoot.
  • A great low light performance with f/1.7 lens and bigger 4/3″ sensor.
  • There are only 11.8 stops of dynamic range on X4S vs X5S 12.8 stops.

DJI Inspire X4S Advantages

  • Price! Probably the biggest advantage of X4S vs X5S is that it costs only $599.
  • Longer flight times. DJI claims that Inspire 2 can fly 27 min with Zenmuse X4S and only 25 min with X5S. However, don’t trust those numbers, you will always get about 15% shorter flight times than they advertise.

It is pretty clear that X4S will be the bestseller for DJI due to its relatively low price, but X5S is the most advanced and professional camera built specifically for the drone, so pro-level filmmakers most likely will choose X5S.

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And what would you choose? Let us know down in the comments! 



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