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DJI Inspire 2 Unboxing in 33 Photos- Watch now!




Inspire 2 unboxing

Inspire 2 Unboxing time, ladies and gentlemen! Let’s take a look at one of the best DJI drones so far! It is an incredibly powerful tool for videographers. Yes, few days ago we wrote an article saying why you shouldn’t buy an Inspire 2, but mostly that refers to the version with X4S camera. X5S is another story.

Inspire 2 is absolute drone killer. There is no other RTF drone in the world that can compete with Inspire 2 today. As of today it’s pretty clear that latest DJI drones are absolute champions it their categories: Inspire 2 is a light-heavyweight champion, Phantom 4 Pro is welterweight champion and of course Mavic Pro is a featherweight champion.

Now, stop talking and let’s just dive right into it.

Inspire 2 Unboxing


New drone gets new box of course, it is pretty much the same size as an old one but they got rid of the annoying zip and replaced it with clips.9e2de2a3-1af9-4b3a-b0f1-01e944b22cd5_8

This mechanism allows you to completely take off the upper part of it and use it as a landing pad on a snow, sand or dry dusty ground. It’s really nice to have this small detail.        6d181e0f-ce07-4647-a085-92367ca1e772_3

Also now propellers are stored in top part of styrofoam box.


Bunch of things included: USB cable, 2 extra propellers clips, 4 additional vibration absorbing dampers, screw driver, the sensor calibration board that made of glass-plastic kind of material. And 4… what? Tags? Cards? Like We Talk UAV on Facebook to get the answer!



Here is it! Somehow it reminds me an Ironman.0cf84823-b52d-4aa1-b949-daab84f30ab4_10

Look at this Smooth hammerhead face and huge forehead! Isn’t it beautiful! The big deal about this model is that it has separate gimbal camera. So no matter where the main camera facing, pilot always will see what’s in front. +20 points


FPV camera also comes mechanically stabilized. It has 2 axis gimbal to smooth out all the shakes and vibrations in flight.


And of course, obstacle avoidance, something the you will not use every day, but it will save your drone’s life one day!


Guess what, this thing is made of alloy too! Very tough and robust!


The build quality is absolutely amazing. If you’ve ever used Apple Macbook you might get the idea of what kind of build quality I’m talking about.


On top if Inspire 2 we have a power button, LED battery indicators and the infra-red sensors system.


It can detect obstacles above it up to 5m (15ft). Very handy feature for flying indoors.


As we already know, Inspire 2 body is made of metal. But GPS won’t work if you cover it by metal. So DJI actually used plastic to cover over the GPS part. However it looks and feels absolutely identical to the alloy.


Here is the back part. Two cheeks batteries is the most recognizable part of I2. If one battery loses power or has any other issue, another one will be able to give the drone enough power to get back to the home point and land safely.


One battery capacity is 4280 Mah, it’s votage is 22.8V


High speed SSD memory stick goes into the tray between 2 batteries and allows recording 5.2K @4.2 Gbps RAW video.


Inspire 2 in transportation mode. Looks like a robo-insect preparing for a jump.


At the bottom we have vision positioning cameras for the indoors flight and better position hold as well as sonar sensors for the precise altitude hold.



New inspire got taller, motors also got much bigger that on the previous version


It must be a very powerful ESC inside so it has external cooling system. Looks very robust.


15 inch propellers with the quick release propeller clips. More reliable solution than self tightening props.



This is the reason why you can’t use X3, Z3 , X5 and X5R cameras on Inspire 2. Hope DJI will come up with some kind of #dongle to be able to use old cameras.


Both of the cameras are very well-built. X5S has the same design as original X5 while it is completely new design for X4S.


Inspire 2 with X4S can fly up to 27 minutes.


Inspire 2 with X5 camera can fly up to 25 minutes.

Remote Controller


Beautiful, iphonish space grey color and the same design from 2 years ago which is actually very comfortable.


What do we have here on the back side of I2 Controller? USB, HDMI, CAN Bus port to connect DJI Focus, and Micro USB port.


Here is quite different detail we niticed dureing Inspire 2 unboxing. Now the remote controller has the ventilation for the cooling system. Apparently more power needs to be cooled down.



Not knowing what it is I would think this is a bluetooth speaker, another google home or Amazon Echo but from DJI. Very nice and clean design.


I think it’s not difficult to guess how to use it.


Same charger is used to charge remote controller. Not a new thing, though.


Full specs of the machine

Thank you for checking out this Isnspire 2 Unboxing!

Full review is coming soon!


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