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DJI Inspire 2 Leaks -What to expect from the new drone?




Inspire 2 leaks

Inspire 2 leaks are out! This is the best time for drone enthusiasts, because leaks are always extremely fascinating. When we were kids the expectation of Christmas was the best feeling ever, it was almost as good as the Christmas itself. Now, the period before the product announcement is the most interesting time for the hobbyists and tech nerds.  All expectations and leaks, all those pieces of the information getting together as a big puzzle.

Today We Talk UAV got you fresh Inspire 2 leaks

Inspire 2 leaks

Inspire 2 (Image credit

What to Expect

  1. From this picture we can see that the new inspire 2 will be greyish or silverish, or maybe will come in few different colors.
  2. What is that pimple on it’s tail… 2 cameras and one sonar? 2 sonars and 1 camera? The quality of the picture is too low to recognize it.  I was expecting 4 directions (front, back, left, right) obstacle avoidance and now plus up facing OA? Very interesting, DJI…
  3. Look at the motors. They became taller now, which means Inspire 2 will have more lifting power. Also it might get a better flight times with Zenmuse X5 or maybe even completely redesigned camera.
  4. The size of the aircraft stays the same, and propeller locks will not get a new design
  5. Another thing that causes a lot of questions is that round charging base on a left. It seems to be too small for the battery and to weird for the RC.
  6. Round cut in the case. Will inspire 2 come in kit with something round? I don’t think the battery will be cylindric, but we might be getting some cylindric accessories for the Inspire 2.
Those are all of the Inspire 2 leaks we got today.

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