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DJI Inspire 2? – Knock Offs Before The Real Products

Derrick Threatt



We have seen some knock offs of DJI Inspire 2 already, but this one is very special!

It looks like a collaboration between DJI and Parrot.  The Mola Tourist 1 is a FPV quadcopter with a frontal camera capable of recording full HD video and it is supposed to weigh around 700 grams.

There are some rumors about DJI Inspire 2 having one extra camera to be able to use 360 degrees yaw of it’s main camera without losing the flight orientation on FPV

What would it mean? DJI now is getting ideas drone the fake versions of their own drones? Who knows, let’s just wait for Inspire 2 and hope that we will see it in the end of 2016.

This FPV drone will be controllable via APP or a regular controller, same as DJI Mavic. The Mola Tourist 1 will offer waypoints mission planning, follow mode, etc. and it will be able to remember flight routes. It will also come equipped with an intelligent obstacle avoidance function to avoid collisions.

Also, the remote controller looks kind of familiar…

DJI Inspire 2 remote contoller

Really cool thing about DJI Inspire 2 is here:

Mola has a sonar sensor for indoors altitude hold and for this level of drones it is a really cool feature. Even some big companies like Yuneec and GoPro don’t equip their drones with sonar.

DJI Inspire 2 Sonar

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