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DJI and FLIR announces Zenmuse XT2 camera!




DJI once again collaborated with FLIR to create the Zenmuse XT2, a dual sensor thermal imaging camera built for commercial applications. The new camera was announced today at a DJI Enterprise event in Menlo Park, California, and it is equipped with a FLIR Tau 2 thermal sensor and a 4K visual camera, which allows a split screen view of thermal data on one side and live view on the other. Made for firefighting, search and rescue operations, energy inspections and infrastructure monitoring, the Zenmuse XT2 was designed to save time, money and lives.

“The arrival of the DJI Zenmuse XT2 with a FLIR sensor signifies an important technological advancement for drone operators who need both a visible camera and the superpower benefits of thermal imaging in one product,” said FLIR President and CEO James Cannon in a press release. “Now drone operators can capture data without landing, an important advantage for search and rescues operations, monitor the health of mechanical and electrical equipment remotely, and identify potential problems in buildings. Our collaboration with DJI perfectly aligns with our mission to use our thermal technology to help save lives and livelihoods.”

Zenmuse XT2

Screenshot of Ian Smith’s Tweet shows the new Zenmuse XT2


Zenmuse XT2

Zenmuse XT2 is ip44 rated, so pilots can fly in the rain, snow, smoke or fog. Here are the full specs of the visual camera:


The thermal camera is aviable in 12 different options, so here’s the list along with the full specs:

Zenmuse XT2

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