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DJI drone responsible for 500 arrests in Mexican city




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Are more drones the answer for better policing?

Drones are still a relatively new tool for police in their crime fighting efforts but more and more departments are getting their hands on one.

If a single drone can have such a dramatic impact on crime in this city, would more drones be even more effective?

Cape company CEO Chris Rittler certainly thinks so. Rittler stated that in a city the size of Esenada, you’d need as few as 12 drones to give the city complete coverage. While this may seem like an attractive option for police departments, the strong counterpoint against the increasing presence of flying eyes in the sky is the potential violations of the public’s right to privacy. DJI have recently partnered with the company that manufactures Taser devices to sell drones directly to law enforcement departments. We’ve written about that here. 

We’ve also written multiple articles about police and drones. Try this story about how Californian cops have stocked up on ‘drone killer’ devices to take out rogue UAVs or how US police are considering monitoring protests using drones equipped with facial recognition software.

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