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How Loud Is Your Drone? -The Drone Noise Test Of P2, P3P, P4P, I2…




The drone noise test is kind of weird thing to do, right!? I know everybody is testing flight range, flight time and other stuff. But we haven’t really seen many videos testing the drone noise level. So we decided to make something interesting and original this time.

The Drone Noise Test: 

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Now let’s take a look at what we got here:

  • Phantom 2 ~75.8 dB
  • Phantom 3 Pro ~76.3 dB is only a little bit louder than P2
  • Phantom 4 Pro ~ 76.9 dB -0.6dB of difference is really not too much, especially considering that the drone got more efficient and can stay on the air longer than P3P.
  • Inspire 2 ~79.8 dB – Not much of a surprise here… The biggest drone is also the loudest one.

There are also 2 more things that we have tested the noise level of, so please make sure you watch this video till the end.

What Do All Those Decibels Mean?

drone noise test chart

So the drone noise is actually not that loud if you compare it to the music band or a motorcycle. We all understand that the drone noise is not something that people would consider when buying a new drone, as the price, brand, camera quality, and features are more important, but it is still a good piece of information to know.

Thank you for watching! 

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