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DJI confirms See the Bigger Picture event for August 23 with new trailer & quiz!




DJI’s See the Bigger Picture event was originally scheduled for July 18, but it was postponed last minute for reasons that are still unclear. The drone company may have successfully rescheduled the event, but the product that they tried to keep secret leaked from an unchecked catalog from Argos, a UK-based retail store. The catalog leak revealed two new Mavic models: Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic 2 Pro. According to The Verge, DJI confirmed the Mavic 2 because of the leaked advertisement, so now here is the latest teaser trailer showing more of what to expect on August 23:

DJI’s extended teaser trailer showed a glimpse of the new drone’s power button, and it featured cinematic scenes.

Dolly zoom

At 20 seconds into the DJI trailer, a dolly zoom scene is shown. Dolly zoom is a unique camera-effect which was made popular by films like Vertigo, Jaws, and the more recent Lord of the Rings. The technique is basically created by zooming into the middle of the frame while a camera pulls out, or vice versa. Dolly zoom shots can be edited in post using almost any straight-flying drone footage, but an actual optical zoom camera rather than cropping into a video drastically increases the quality of the dolly zoom effect, and that is where the new Mavic 2 Zoom comes into play.

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