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DJI Circle – Brand New Exclusive Customer Care Plan




Be in DJI circle

DJI has launched a new customer care plan for the professional users that have several different DJI products. Basically, DJI Circle is a customized service plan for premium and professional DJI customers around the world.

DJI Circle contains the following services:

  • VIP Concierge,
  • Accident Repair,
  • Battery Rental,
  • Device Backup,
  • Global SOS Plan & Air Travel Coverage, and
  • VIP Lounge Access and a bunch of other VIP things.

As you know the amount of the batteries you can bring on a plane is limited, but professionals that travel between the countries for the shooting must have more than 2-3 batteries for sure. DJI Circle allows you to rent the batteries from DJI wherever you go. Not sure how is it going to work, but the idea is great.
DJI Circle VIP ConciergePersonal Concierge is the person who takes care of you and your DJI product 24/7. Just by calling personal concierge users will be able to get immediate help with technical products, fast replacement or even a backup drone if you think that one drone on a shoot will be not enough.DJI CIrcle Airport LoungeDJI Circle also includes some luxury bonuses like the lounge access in 500 major airports all over the world and even medical rescue. However, we hope that whoever purchases this plan will never need to use the last one.

The greatest thing about DJI Circle is that one plan can be used on 5 drones simultaneously and cover up to $15.000 USD. You might think that this is awesome and you want to get this plan for yourself, but would you still want it if I tell you that it costs $4699 USD? This customer care plan is definitely not for everyone.DJI Circle covers 5 drones and 15000 usdDJI is targeting loaded customers with many drones, like production studios, research companies and such. In fact, if the studio has 5 Inspire 2 drones with X5S cameras (total cost about $30.000 USD) it would be quite reasonable to protect the “birds” with the Circle Plan.

You can apply for the DJI Circle by sending a message to this

Yes, this is a plan for reach professionals and for regular users regular DJI Care Refresh would be still a better choice.


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