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DJI and Apple – 7 Similarities Between Two Giants




DJI and Apple

You heard the comparisons between the DJI and Apple before. DJI is always referred to as the Apple of drones. How the story is similar:

1. Both Apple and DJI were conceived in humble beginnings.

Apple computers was conceived of in the garage of Steve Job’s parent’s house. Jobs had a strong desire to see a society in which everyone has a computer in their house to make everyone’s life easier. Don’t forget that in 1976, computers were big machines that took up most of the room in any place where computers were being used. 

Frank Wang was a college student that one day had a dream in his college dorm of a personalized flying robot. The desire was as well to unleash creative potential by providing the type of photographic shots that you would not be able to get with a traditional camera.

2. Innovations have made both DJI and Apple leaders in their respective field

When you think of quality of computers, Apple has been acknowledged by Bill Gates to have the best quality of processor. Steve Jobs doubled down on this by not only creating a great processor but also reinvented the telephone altering on how we communicate as well as shrinking down the size of the computer so it would fit in pockets everywhere.

DJI has shown how camera innovation and UAVs can make a strong impact together. As their product improved, so did the ability of how you can use a drone as well as the quality of the camera increased. The Osmo is an example of this, having made it possible for panoramic as well as 360 shots in a device that appears more futuristic then your traditional camera. The Phantom Series as well as the Inspire made the standard of drone flying.

3. Both companies have opened flagship stores

Within this past year, DJI has opened a few Flagship stores with most recently in New York City. Other places that DJI has opened includes Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Seoul. The store includes a Hall of Inspire and is designed to show off the best on what DJI has to offer.

Apple’s stores can be found in abundance in a variety of malls around the country.  This is separate from the flagship store located in a number of cities around the world. 

Both have minimalist set up that is designed to showcase products and as well as create a new type of shopping experience. In fact, the experts at Apple are referred to as Genius.

4. Both companies cater to the inner artist in all of us.

Both companies provide equipment that are or becoming more standard in the Entertainment industry. The camera on the Phantom and Inspires series can go as high as 12 MP giving you the type of shots only provided for big studios. Mac, on the other hand, have higher end computers that offer more processing power for graphics as well as video display.  The sampling rate is much higher which in the end allows for a higher quality of audio.

5. Clean Design

No one competes with Apple’s impressive product designs that extend right down to the boxes and power cables. Part of their massive commercial success is due to this one factor alone.

DJI appears to have been influenced from Apple on this. Their Phantom quadcopter range is iconic, memorable and definitely cool. Interestingly, their design appears to have become a default quadcopter look, that several other companies are now emulating. Also if you take a look at Apple and DJI website design you might find a lot of similar points.

6. Leaks

We knew everything about iPhone 7 even before the announcement, leaks was all over the internet few month before, some was true and some apparently not. Same story with Phantom 4 and DJI Mavic. It’s not like DJI and Apple don’t care about information security, but it’s more of a marketing strategy. They are preparing customers for changes early before the product launch.

7. Both DJI and Apple have a loyal fan base.

Every try to go by an Apple store with the release of a new product? The lines to get into the store is crazy. The expectations of what will be released is very high with every nuance of the product examined to find out as much detail as possible. The products set the bar higher than the last product released which can make one wondering what innovation will happen next.

When DJI recently released the Mavic, it was in response to small, personal drones that two other companies put out. When the other companies released those products first, many were wondering how DJI would respond. Once the Mavic was released, the software and innovation put the other new released into the category of obsolete. Many forgot that those products were just released. The interest in the Mavic as well as Phantom 4 and Inspire skyrocketed with Social Media blowing up on this point.

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by John Henry


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