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DJI adds Phantom 4 Pro panorama mode




Phantom 4 Pro Panorama

Phantom 4 Pro Panorama Sphere

This mode takes a full 360° panorama by shooting 34 individual photos and stitching them all together. Users can shoot in this mode, then crop out a portion of the photo that they don’t need, or they can keep the whole photo and make it into a tiny planet like the ones regularly seen on Skypixel. Another reason why some users would shoot a full 360° photo is to view different angles through a VR headset. One tip given by Billy Kyle was to shoot at a high altitude because low sphere panoramas may result in a blur at the top.

Phantom 4 Pro Panorama

Sphere panoramas can be moved and cropped. Pilots can also upload 360° photos on Facebook

Phantom 4 Pro Panorama 180°

This mode allows users to capture an ultra-wide panorama by shooting and stitching 21 photos. Remember to start at a middle point since panorama 180° shoots photos from the left and right side.

Phantom 4 Pro Panorama

Snapshot from Billy Kyle’s P4P update video.

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