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DJI adds Phantom 4 Pro panorama mode




Phantom 4 Pro Panorama

A new Phantom 4 Pro panorama shooting mode was released on Christmas day. Landscape photography just got easier since pilots now have the ability to automatically capture sphere, 180°, vertical or horizontal photos with one push of a button. Previously, Phantom 4 Pro users had to use a 3rd party app like Litchi or capture individual photos and stich them later together, but the new firmware allows users to shoot and view a fully stitched panorama within the app. The panorama feature was updated into the Spark and Mavic, and now the 20 MP quadcopter has the ability to do the same but in greater detail. Here is YouTuber Billy Kyle’s video on firmware 01.05.300:

Update features

The update’s biggest feature is the panorama mode, but it also includes optimization for GEO Zone management and a fix for a rare gimbal auto calibration problem some users ran into.

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