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DJI And 3DR Team Up To Launch Enterprise Drone Platform





DJI, a Chinese based market leader in the drone world, has now teamed up with a much smaller and once rival American company called 3DR. 3D Robotics is now offering their Site Scan software platform for DJI drones. According to 3DR, Site Scan is a “premier data collection and analytics platform designed for the field professional.”

If you have a DJI drone, then all you have to do is download the Site Scan Field app for the IPad on IOS or Android devices to experience the latest drone mapping technology. The new DJI and 3DR team is a significant upgrade for the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) Industry.


What Exactly is Site Scan?

Site Scan is a mobile app which allows drones to collect accurate and high-resolution data, and it is also integrated with Autodesk desktop tools to further process the data for 2D maps, DEMs (Digital Elevation Models), 3D mesh, and 3D point clouds. The three Site Scan modes are survey, scan, and inspect. A survey can be used for creating high-resolution maps. A scan is utilized for creating 3D models. Inspect is a real time observation mode for any flight altitude.


Site Scan > DJI GS PRO

DJI GS Pro, or Ground Station Pro, is also an IPad based app which shares similar functions as Site Scan. DJI GS Pro is still different compared to Site Scan since the 3DR app is best used for mapping purposes. If you are planning on creating a 3D map, then Site Scan is an ideal pick because it incorporates the latest in drone data collecting and processing technology.

DJI and 3DR History

DJI and 3DR were once head to head competitors in the consumer drone world. Back in 2015, 3DR released a drone for GoPros called the Solo, but that action camera model quickly became obsolete thanks to the DJI Phantom 3 series. Ever since then, 3DR redesigned their Solo drone with a Sony camera for more professional and industry specific use; they also started focusing on creating an unbeatable app for drone mapping.

DJI and 3DR

Thumbnail from MW Technology’s YouTube Comparison Video

DJI and 3DR Partnership Makes Sense

Last June, DJI announced that they are going to shift their attention to farming. With eyes set for agriculture, DJI drones are now capable of utilizing 3DR’s Site Scan app to identify crop stress and create field models. The DJI and 3DR partnership gives users the best of both worlds: 3DR’s software for analyzing data and DJI’s world-renowned drones.


Combining the best of what two drone leaders have to offer is going to be beneficial for users. Not only can DJI drones be used for recreational photography and video making, but they now have even greater potential for commercial use thanks to 3DR’s Site Scan app.


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